‘Energy Talks’. ‘Dr Chris Greig Shares his Top Five Takeaways from COP26.’

qec_logo Hosted by: QLD Energy Club

Introducing Dr Chris Greg, Senior Research Scientist, Princeton University Dr Chris Greig, a proud Queenslander, is the Theodora D. ('78) and William H. Walton III ('74) Senior Research Scientist at the Andlinger Center for Energy and the Environment at Princeton University, New Jersey. As the debate on climate change and the COVID 19 recovery comes to the forefront in Australia, a 2050 Net-Zero emissions target is swiftly becoming a global norm.

In this podcast, Chris shares his top five takeaways, interpretation and analysis of the main outcomes that arose from COP26 including: the elevation of Net-Zero commitments and pledges; carbon mitigation including, global methane pledge and commitment to stop or reverse deforestation by 2030; the issue of fairness; the positioning of the financial community; and the scaling back of unabated fossil fuel use.

The Queensland Energy Club once again welcomes Dr. Chris Greig as our guest speaker for Episode 5 of ‘Energy Talks’.

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