Welcome to Energy Talks

Welcome to ‘Energy Talks’. Energy Talks is the name of the podcast series hosted by the Queensland Energy Club and is designed to complement the lunch time forums. This is where we talk to energy experts and leaders who share their lessons learnt to help educate and inform, and who will play a role in shaping Queensland’s energy future and beyond.
This podcast series is where we dig deeper into the energy industry, sharing content and discussing relevant topics even further.
I hope you enjoy ‘Energy Talks’. We too have certainly enjoyed making these podcasts!
The views and opinions in these podcasts belong to the people expressing them, and not the companies or organisations they represent.

‘Energy Talks’ – ‘Going for Green Zinc’
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‘Energy Talks’ – ‘Seven Renewable Pathways to Generational Nation Building’
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‘Energy Talks’. The Transition to Net Zero Emissions. What will it take?
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An Introduction to Energy Talks
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