Episode 9: Energy Talks. ‘The race to net zero – Challenges and opportunities on Queensland’s decarbonisation journey

QLD Energy Club Hosted by: QLD Energy Club

Introducing James Harman, CEO EDL 

James Harman is a highly experienced executive who, over the last six years, has led EDL’s rapid global expansion – including investing in biomethane-to-transportation-fuel projects and biomethane-to-electricity projects in North America; and delivering innovative large-scale hybrid renewable microgrid projects in remote areas of Australia. 

As the world seeks to decarbonise, there is no one size fits all solution. Many different technologies and parts of the economy will play their role. 


In this podcast, James shares how EDL has been decarbonising for over 30 years, well before this was the norm. He discusses some of the opportunities he sees for Queensland to learn from what’s already working well in other areas of the world – including remote hybrid renewable power in WA and NT here in Australia, as well as the growing renewable natural gas industry in the United States and Europe.

The Queensland Energy Club once again welcomes James Harman as our guest speaker for Episode 9 of ‘Energy Talks’.

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