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Episode 12: Energy Talks. ‘24/7 AND THE DECARBONISATION OF POWER MARKETS’ Friday 27 October 2023 Introducing James Allan, a Senior Director at Quinbrook Infrastructure Partners, who leads Quinbrook’s Digital Strategies.

Quinbrook Infrastructure Partners is an ESG-focused, ‘value add’ investment manager with a specialist focus on low carbon and renewable energy supply, storage, grid stability, and flexibility services including the algorithmic optimisation of dispatchable power assets using advanced AI data science.

James led Quinbrook’s acquisition of Habitat Energy in 2021 and has been involved with the wider Quinbrook investment team focusing on wind, solar, storage, green data centres, green hydrogen and decentralised investment strategies such as virtual power plants. He is responsible for the firm’s digital strategies including machine learning based algorithmic trading, hourly tracing and matching of renewable power and approaches to advanced weather prediction.

In this podcast, James will discuss three key topics: The next stage of grid decarbonization requires storage at scale to leverage abundant variable renewable energy; Green power delivered on a 24/7 basis is the ‘Holy Grail’ that will underpin future industry, from green data centers to green fuels and critical minerals; and Major power users increasingly need to be able to trace, on an auditable basis, the source of their hourly consumption as a pre-requisite to their social license and business case.

The Queensland Energy Club welcomes James Allan as our guest speaker for Episode 12 of ‘Energy Talks’.

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