Episode 10: Energy Talks. ‘LEADERSHIP IN A TIME OF CRISIS’

QLD Energy Club Hosted by: QLD Energy Club

Episode 10: Energy Talks. ‘LEADERSHIP IN A TIME OF CRISIS’ Wednesday 29 March 2023 Introducing Andrew Bills, the Chief Executive Officer of CS Energy, a large Queensland based generation company.  He has over 25 years of experience in the energy industry across the public and private sectors, covering power generation, retail supply, distribution, LPG and energy trading. Andrew’s previous roles include Executive roles at Origin Energy, Babcock and Brown Power, Stanwell Corporation and as a Director at PwC.  

In this podcast, Andrew will discuss his journey as the CEO of CS Energy and his perspective on leadership during a time of crisis. Andrew discusses significant high-profile events that have taken place during his tenure, including the C4 incident as well as a cyber-attack, but focuses on how he has responded to such crises as a leader.

Andrew emphasises that the key to responding to a crisis is to prioritise people’s safety, security, and well-being. He shares his thoughts on what he has learned as a leader, including the importance of collaboration, communication, and having a clear and consistent vision for the organisation.

The Queensland Energy Club welcomes Andrew Bills as our guest speaker for Episode 10 of ‘Energy Talks’.

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