‘Energy Talks’ – ‘Seven Renewable Pathways to Generational Nation Building’

qec_logo Hosted by: QLD Energy Club

Introducing Mr. Robert Saunders, General Manager, Sevengen Robert Saunders is an energy engineer with an interest in renewables and pioneers in engineering. Talking with pioneers and explorers such as astronaut Buzz Aldrin and listening to their thoughts on our planet, really resonated with Robert…exploring the planet from a different perspective.

Robert comes from an engineering family and background, where his father, also an engineer, was involved early on, in small scale biomass, waste to energy and heat recovery projects. This is where Robert’s interest and focus on renewables started many years ago.

Robert’s passion for renewables led him to accept the inaugural role as General Manager of Sevengen, an advisory and construction business, focusing exclusively on the delivery of renewables.

This is his decade. Robert wants to make a difference and be a net-zero person where, as an individual, he has contributed to the environment in a positive way and not been a burden to society, leaving a legacy for the next generation.

In the future, Robert hopes to play a role in facilitating some green technology and stimulating younger generations. Working with like-minded people, means together we can do some exciting things and look back and reflect.

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