‘Energy Talks’. ‘Banking On The Great Energy Transition’

qec_logo Hosted by: QLD Energy Club

Introducing Paul Richards, Global Head of Resources, Energy & Infrastructure ANZ based in Sydney, in conversation with Mark Couchman Director, Natural Resources Group ANZ based in Brisbane.  

Paul Richards is a highly experienced banker in both domestic and international markets, with extensive leadership of client-facing, ‘connectivity’ teams. Paul is a values-oriented leader, driven by a passion for developing deep customer relationships, building inclusive and collaborative teams, innovation and different thinking. At ANZ, Paul has responsibility for leading a team of specialist bankers and delivering solutions to ANZ’s largest customers in the Resources, Energy & Infrastructure segments.

Mark Couchman is client facing and driven to deliver value added and commercial outcomes, with a focus on continued growth and expertise in Natural Resources sector; and delivering on strategic opportunities in Queensland and PNG Resources projects.


In this podcast, Paul and Mark will discuss their career reflections, and experience, new energy developments, how they see Queensland positioned for the new energy future and what ANZ are doing to support Australia’s development as a regional export hub, which is detailed in ANZ’s newly released hydrogen handbook.

The Queensland Energy Club welcomes Paul Richards in conversation with Mark Couchman for Episode 6 of ‘Energy Talks’

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